Water Governance

Keepers of the Water came into existence as a need for Indigenous knowledge/bush knowledge to be heard, understood, respected and utilized as a critical solution to deal with the water crisis we are now finding ourselves in.

Indigenous people have been here since time immemorial and have been managing the land and waters successfully, until colonization, which has had drastic negative impacts to the management of waters and lands. When the indigenous people were no longer given the authority or support to manage the water and lands, there has been a decline in quantity and quality of water everywhere, this not only affects indigenous people, but everyone.

Keepers of the Water looks to indigenous communities who are working to instill indigenous water governance, with policy, legislation, natural law, traditional knowledge and also looking at ways waters are being managed, this in turn provides the solutions to ensuring water is kept safe now and for future generations.

The chair for Keepers of the Water, Sam Gargan has stated. ‘As one who comes from this land, we have a collective right to use the land through bush philosophy rooted in the culture. Use of Bush philosophy and passing laws down from the elders, the importance of this. In fort providence we have 8 tribal groups. You are there on the land to survive and responsible to make sure everything is there to survive. Pass on knowledge that is not being taught in schools.’

We want to further explore ‘first in time first in right’ water governance, as well as Treaty rights to water.

Moving forward, Keepers of the Water will be actively working with Indigenous Nations, organizations, Universities and other partners who are wanting to help ensure that Indigenous water governance becomes a recognized, viable and needed option to address water management.

If you are looking to partner with Keepers of the Water, please contact us.

If you are interested in learning more about Indigenous Governance, you can support by donating for our future planned work or continue to visiting our website for updates.

ayhay, mussi cho, Thankyou

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