Keepers of the Water VI

Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One
September 26-29, 2012 · Fort Nelson, BC
A Watershed Gathering of stewards of the Arctic Ocean Drainage Basin

Keepers of the Water VI comes to a close.

Thank you to all our guests, participants, and Keepers for attending this important event, and safe journey home.

The Arctic Ocean Drainage Basin needs your voice.

Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One, a watershed gathering hosted by Fort Nelson First Nation, featured keynote presentations by Maude Barlow, Wade Davis and Jon Waterhouse, and was facilitated by David Marshall.

Building upon the principles of our founding Gathering in Liidlii Kue, Denedeh (Fort Simpson, NWT) in 2006, this year’s gathering highlighted the Fort Nelson-Liard River basin. The use of record-breaking mass-scale fracking is causing concern among our people and those who live downstream in the Arctic Ocean Basin. Our people are increasingly worried about the impacts that fracking will have on the land, the rivers and the muskeg. Through this gathering, we aimed to bring our concerns and solutions to the world.

Keynote speakers, expert panellists, guest presenters and participants from all levels of government, area industries, science and academia, environmental groups and private citizens joined First Nations peoples in raising awareness, voicing concerns and exploring collaborative solutions to address the cumulative demands of fracking upon our ecosystems.

Our waters are one; our voices are many. Spread the word.

Photo by Joey Podlubny

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