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    Keepers of the Water is a grassroots organization of citizens and community members, working together in a spirit of openness and honesty to protect one of our most valuable resources: your water. We ask you to join us by observing and reporting what takes place in your watershed.

    Effective reporting will include a call to Alberta's single 24-hour, toll-free response line for all energy and environmental emergencies and complaints. Albertans reporting oil and gas spills, facility fires, and all other situations with an urgent impact on the environment can call 1-800-222-6514.

    There are two ways to report: anonymously, and by giving your name. If you give your name, you will receive the report back on what happened and what action is been taken by Alberta Environment on your issue. If you prefer to be anonymous, please still make the call, but let one of our Keepers staff know about the situation. It is possible that Keepers can also make a report on your issue, so that we may receive the reports back on action taken. By calling this reporting hotline, you will ensure that a file is started, and that government action is taken on your issue. By letting Keepers know, we can work with you on strategy or getting publicity.

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