Spirit Rock in the Peace River
Keepers of the Water is a grassroots organization of citizens and community members, working together in a spirit of openness and honesty to protect one of our most valuable resources: your water. We ask you to join us by observing and reporting what takes place in your watershed.

An anonymous reporting system will be coming soon. In the meantime, please contact your local Keepers community or our general coordinator to report any activities or issues affecting your water sources. All messages will be treated in full confidence.

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Fundraising: Help us fund the Keepers Watch Toll-Free Reporting Hotline
March 15, 2011
Join us in celebration of CanadaWaterWeek March 15-22. Support our effort to give citizens the opportunity to voice their concerns on what is happening along the Athabasca River through the Toll-Free Reporting Hotline. The Hotline provides citizens with the opportunity to become a part of the solution within their local community. Information compiled will also be used to determine where concentrated efforts are needed along the watershed. World Water Day is March 22 and we can make this project a reality by then. Your small change can make big change!
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