Speakers for Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One
September 26-29, 2012 · Fort Nelson, BC
Coordinator: NORINE WARK
Acting Executive, Keepers of the Water
Principal, Wilton+Wark

Water holds deep meaning to Norine Wark. "It is a sacred gift, an essential element that sustains and connects all life." As a direct descendant of the mighty Vikings, Erik the Red, and his son, Lief Erikson, she was born with the love of water in her veins. Her life has been richly blessed with the music, the beauty, the wonder, the sustenance and the fierce might of great rivers, lakes and oceans. She has watched in mute horror as the ageless waters she knows and loves are increasingly polluted, diverted and depleted, and are now dying in her single lifetime. She feels it is with great honour that she has become a Keeper of the Water, and that she is given this opportunity to share her bond with water with fellow Keepers. United, we can turn the current abuse and neglect of our waters around.

Norine Wark returns for her second coordinatorship, having previously coordinated Keepers of the Water II, and is an acting executive member of the Keepers of the Water. She is now in school, working on a doctoral dissertation that will assist in bringing holistic water education to Keepers of our Great Arctic Ocean Basin.