Speakers for Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One
September 26-29, 2012 · Fort Nelson, BC
Senior Remote Sensing Analyst, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Kevin Smith is a senior remote sensing analyst with Ducks Unlimited Canada. He has been working to help map wetlands throughout the Western Boreal Forest, as well as to provide conservation planning tools to support partnerships as well as policy.

A biologist by training, Mr. Smith has a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, where he specialized in landscape ecology. His bachelor degree was from Cornell University, with a specialization in Aquatic Insect Ecology.

Mr. Smith has extensive experience in North American wetlands, and has logged over 1500 hours of field data collection in helicopters, airboats, argos, and on foot. This extensive field experience led to the production of A Field Guide to the Wetlands of the Boreal Plains Ecozone of Canada. He researched and developed the classification scheme and technical mapping procedures for the Enhanced Wetland Classification, and has mapped or overseen the mapping of over 150 million acres of wetlands throughout Canada. His current role is to oversee the wetland mapping, to further the development of conservation products, to assist in conservation planning, and to provide partnership project support.