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Schedule for Keepers of the Water VI: Our Waters are One
September 26-29, 2012 · Fort Nelson, BC

Keepers of the Water VI will carry us from building awareness to collaboration and on to action, as we learn about our watersheds and how we can better manage them through dialogue and planning. All events will take place at the Northern Rockies Regional Recreation Centre (floor plan · 660kb PDF) unless otherwise noted.
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FULL SCHEDULES: Wednesday · Thursday · Friday · Saturday

Wednesday, September 26: WELCOMING
» FULL SCHEDULE: Wednesday

We gather once again, with thanks to our gracious hosts, Fort Nelson First Nation, to honour the sacred gift of life, our waters. As our waters flow together, so shall our hearts, heads and hands over these next few precious and exhilarating days.

Tonight we will celebrate the spiritual nature of our gathering, and the fellowship of all Keepers. We will pray, we will recognize, we will eat, we will reminisce, we will sing and we will dance. Let us rejoice, for we are together! · » more

Thursday, September 27: BUILDING AWARENESS

Today will open with some formal ceremonies and introductions, and will provide a thematic overview of our three action-packed days. We will be introduced to Fort Nelson First Nation's waters through the voices of the people from this community. We will also receive updates on other watersheds throughout the Arctic Ocean Basin (AOB).

In the afternoon, we will brush up our skills by reviewing the basic science of water and will discuss its many attributes. Panelists will help us wrestle with water issues, sharing their stories and experiences, presenting dilemmas to ponder, and offering solutions to consider in the days to come. · » more

Friday, September 28: COLLABORATION

Equipped with our own lived experiences, talents and yesterday's updates on water issues in the Liard and Fort Nelson watersheds and throughout the Arctic Ocean Basin (AOB), we will begin the collaboration process today. We will be introduced to the world's largest indigenous water network, the Yukon River Intertribal Watershed Council (YRITWC). We will learn of their trials and tribulations, and discover why their water accord is the glue that binds them as a single entity. Other water governance options will also be presented. We shall learn about the Fraser Basin Council Charter for Sustainability, the BC Water Sustainability Act, and the proposed Collaborative Watershed Governance Accord.

We will consider our own governance; reflect on the resolutions and declarations that define us as Keepers of the Water, and then will begin to contemplate our own water accord. The conference day will conclude with a summary of the day's events. A fun-filled evening of entertainment will allow us to relax and rejuvenate, marking the end of a day of hard work, and spiritual reconnection to our waters. · » more

Saturday, September 29: ACTION

Over the past two and a half days, we will have celebrated our spiritual connection to our waters, and gained awareness of the issues and concerns that we face within our Basin. We will have listened to each other, and begun contemplating a water accord for the Keepers of the Water. Today we will boldly surge ahead, discussing and debating our thoughts and ideas, determining priorities, formulating some ideas for the water accord, and adding action items to our watershed plan.

By the end of today, we will be exhausted - and exhilarated, for we will have achieved no small feat in these few precious days. · » more

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